Friday, March 12, 2010

Inner Voice

Sometimes projects take unexpected turns and I end up with something different from what I initially planned. This piece of copper was first pulled out only to test a new texturing hammer. I started bashing away and really liked the patterns that appeared. I decided this was no longer just a testing piece of copper, and thought that I would use some of it as a base for a pin or pendant. Then I thought it would be a shame to cover up any of the texturing,
so plans changed.
I cut the textured areas in to strips and treated them with liver of sulphur to get a nice contrast with darkened patterning. I thought I would like the flat strips, but they were not inspiring me so I gave them a slight curve in my dapping block. The surfaces were rubbed with a fine sandpaper to get a matte finish and to. I was going to drill into one end to attach ear wires for dangling earrings, but then realized that these earrings needed to suggest more of an architectural accessory and should therefore not have movement. Again, plans changed.

I soldered earring posts onto the back,

and realized that another liver of sulphur treatment was needed to create a full, black finish on the back side.

I like the simplicity of these earrings. They are quite different from any earrings that I had previously made, and they only came about because I listened to that inner voice that kept telling me to go in a different direction.


  1. I like seeing the progression. They turned out quite nice.

  2. Thanks- I sometimes enjoy starting a project without a clear vision of what the final product will be. Unexpected possibilities often present themselves.