Friday, March 19, 2010

Tissue Box Redeux

I found this at a favored thrift store recently, and was initially a bit confused about the intended use. I then realized that this is a tissue box holder.
A brass box to put your tissue box in? Not in my house. That would be way out of character- we prefer to keep the tissue boxes undressed and unadorned. Plus, that rose cluster on the front put the 'ack' in tacky. But...that's just my opinion.

Anyway, I was focused on the lovely layering of interesting patterns and thoughts of how I could put this to other uses.

The carnage commenced. It was not very easy to cut through the edge of the lid, and I had to bring out the artillery of tools.

A few cuts to my fingers later, I did have some segments ready to be filed and sanded.

One segment has been riveted onto a piece of copper that was textured with a leaf using my rolling mill. A copper bezel was soldered on and holes were drilled for attaching a chain.
The rest?
I need some pondering time.


  1. Oh good plan! My grandmother used those for tissues.

  2. Ooops.....I hope that no offense was taken on your grandmother's behalf! I'm working on an idea for some of these pendants that grandmother figures would hopefully approve of. I hope to post the progress soon.