Friday, July 15, 2011

Taking Control of My Camera

I have repeatedly complained about my photography-induced frustrations. I have set up for jewelry photo sessions only to give up after getting unacceptable results. Trying to develop a jewelry business includes much more than producing the jewelry, and part of that "much more" is being able to promote one's work with good imagery.
I decided I had complained enough.
It was time to do something about my lack of photo-knowledge.
I re-reviewed my Nikon D40 manual, read various articles and visited photo blogs.
My turning point, however, was signing up for a digital photography class at Main Line Art Center.
I am halfway through a six class session, and I am now on a second honeymoon with my camera. I have already had several significant light bulb moments because of the informative direction provided by our instructor, professional photographer Ed Marco.
We have turned off the automatic features on our cameras and are working in the manual mode.
I am finally developing an understanding of selecting an appropriate aperture and ISO setting. Depth of field? I get it now!!!
I have been testing my new found understanding by taking pictures in my garden.
My confidence is starting to build.
I used to think that my occasional good photos were like camera alchemy.
That juvenile thinking was my ignorance speaking. There is no magic to taking good photos; it takes a dedicated effort to understand the tool with which you are working.
A good result with most anything comes with good knowledge....except my hair.
A good hair day with me truly is alchemy.

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