Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unexpected Treasure

I stopped by one of the thrift stores that I regularly visit a couple of weeks ago just as one of the volunteers was setting out a frame that caught my eye. In addition to looking for recyclable metals, I am always looking for good items for displaying my jewelry. I have numerous frames that I infill with fabric covered insulation board which are great for the holiday shows that I do at local art centers.
This particular frame had an interesting pattern and texture, so I investigated.
I was delightfully surprised to find an original, artist signed etching. Even the volunteer ladies were aware that there was a signature.
The scene is a landscape with an old mill alongside a pond with a dam. The etching has the artist name, but there is also a penciled signature which suggests that the artist printed the etching. A little bit of Google research revealed that this is by Frederick DeBourg Richards (1822-1903), an American artist. This particular etching is dated 1882, and my intuition tells me that the frame is probably original.
I couldn't find additional information, but it appears that Richards is better known for his oils, primarily landscapes.
Correction: I did find some information here and here.
I don't think this frame is destined for my jewelry display.
What a lovely find for $2.50.

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