Saturday, July 30, 2011

Special Projects

A nice aspect of having a studio of tools and supplies is that I can sometimes do special projects for family and friends. Around a year ago, I was able to make the bridal jewelry that my oldest niece wore for her wedding. Just yesterday, I handed back a bracelet that I had fixed for a friend. The anniversary gift from her husband had broken. An easy repair, and she was delighted to have her special gift back on her wrist.
Some of the projects are especially significant to me.
As my one son has lost more of his vision, some tasks, such as signing his name, have become extremely difficult.
Products designed for the visually impaired include a variety of signature guides. As I looked at the styles available, I thought that none of them had just the right features to be most suitable for my son.
Time to get to the workbench.I cut a piece of 16 gauge copper the size of a business card thinking that it could conveniently fit in my son's wallet. Using my jeweler's saw, I cut out two rectangles. In each rectangle, I saw cut short notches that an assistant could align on the signature line. My son can the feel the rivets to understand where his signature needs to be placed.
A hole was drilled in the upper left corner in case my son would rather put the signature guide on a key chain that would then be attached to his white cane.
The guide has already come in handy numerous times, and I know that my son appreciates knowing that it is a one-of-a-kind item.

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