Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Jewelry Tools

I went to Beadfest last week expecting to purchase some tools as well as a nice variety of beads. There were so many people on the floor of the trade show, that I just chose not to go through inventory of gemstones while elbow-to-elbow with others. I think that years of working by myself in my basement studio has encouraged anti-social tendencies.
I chose to focus only on tools.
I have come to appreciate the value of buying the best tools that I can afford.
I bought my hammers from T. B. Hagstoz & Sons knowing that their inventory is typically among the best that is available. I'm exploring more metal forming, and these hammers will be especially useful for the foldforming that I'm experimenting with.
The brass brush and the Cupola Punch & Die set were purchased from Metalliferous. Pepe Tools, a leader in the jewelry tool business, made the Punch & Die set.
The flush cutters were purchased from Beaducation, and I love how they really do make a nice, flush cut on silver wire up to 12 gauge.
Quality tools will cost more than others, but they will last longer and will help you to efficiently and effectively develop your skills.

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