Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Can't Hold a Candle (Anymore)

Always in pursuit of new ways to display my jewelry, I keep an open mind when I come across interesting thrift store finds.....like this old, beaten up candle holder that cost 50 cents.
I loved the patina (some might just say that it's dirty) and the interesting textures and thought it might be perfect for showcasing earrings.
Hanging earrings on the candle-holding-thing (I'm sure that the candle making industry has a specific name for this) didn't quite feel right.
I turned my attention to the wax-catching-collar-thing (again...I'm sure that there is a more legitimate name) where I was sure earrings would be able to hang in a more appealing way.
There were no holes in the collar, but that was no problem.
With a drill bit in my flex shaft, I carefully drilled holes in the collar.
I can now put earwires through the new holes, allowing earrings to dangle in that appealing way I was aiming for.
I like my new/old 50 cent earring display.

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