Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Opportunities

I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions, but as 2012 began, I did make a pledge to find more business opportunities this year. As family expenses increase, I am headed toward a bad mathematical equation if I don't find ways to increase my income.
Time to seek out new opportunities.
When I recently accompanied my son to his college's bookstore, I saw that there was a display of "Made in Pennsylvania" items. Hmmmm.....possible opportunity.
I sent an email to the bookstore manager with images of my jewelry and we scheduled a meeting.
Kathy, the manager, is delightful and I was delighted that she liked my work. When I returned with pieces that I made in response to her preferences, she bought almost everything which definitely exceeded my expectations.
Some of the jewelry that I made is very specific to the college.
For the above necklace, I searched for images of the college and found a vintage postcard that features the landmark building on campus (which also happens to be where my son lives). I reduced the image to fit it within a silver plated bezel, added the word 'learner' that was pilfered from my 1930's dictionary, and filled the bezel with 2 part resin.
The bezel pendant hangs from a chain that I made with wire wrapped amazonite, Swarovski pearls, vintage crystals and etched silver discs.
This necklace will soon join the other items already at the bookstore, and I will be joining the bookstore's outdoor display for the upcoming Arts Weekend.

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