Thursday, September 13, 2012

Promise of Autumn

Evenings have recently had a lovely coolness, the promise of autumn.
After the multiple heat waves of this summer, the seasonal changes of autumn will be welcomed.
Seeing early hints of fall color in roadside sumac helped to inspire this necklace, just completed this afternoon.
The pendant is made from a milled, copper leaf which I riveted to a brass base.
The edges of the brass base were textured with my favorite, old chisel and the rivets were made with balled copper wire.
Sterling chain and wire were combined with gemstones....carnelian, labradorite and yellow jasper, along with different freshwater pearls, that made me think of autumnal colors.

If you've taken one of my workshops, you know that I always encourage design consideration for the 'back side' of pieces, even if the wearer is the only one to know of such details.
The brass base was hand cut from a larger piece of brass that I had previously etched.
The etched texture and the rivets make the back worthy of sometimes becoming the front.

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