Thursday, September 27, 2012

Secret Admirer

A few years ago, I filled a special order for Valentine's Day gifts that were being distributed anonymously. 
I made necklaces, and to keep the budget where it needed to be, I cut copper discs and used plated chain.
For some reason, I chose to make an extra disc, but made it out of sterling.
I've had that disc in my box of sterling supplies for these past several years and finally put it to use a few days ago.
The sterling chain is wrapped with aquamarine, amazonite and pearls.
One side of the sterling disc was finished with a light hammering with my ball peen hammer, and hanging from the bottom are sterling wire wrapped pearls and aquamarine.
Like the previous copper discs, the other side of the sterling disc is textured and stamped with 'SECRET ADMIRER'.
The order that had been placed was for 17 necklaces, and I heard back that they were well received.
They also created quite a buzz.
As far as I know, the 'Secret Admirer' is still a secret.

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