Monday, September 3, 2012

Return to Chanticleer

When I recently had a small window of time available, I was able to fit in a quick visit to Chanticleer.
Walking through this garden, even briefly, leaves me rejuvenated and inspired.

After my brief tour of selected parts of the garden, I was back in my car, getting ready to pull out through the entry gate when I paused to appreciate the view across the road.
Chanticleer is located less than 2 miles from the busy and congested Route 30 of the Main Line, but it is easy to feel as if you have magically found yourself transported to a distant, rural landscape.
I have been told that the Rosengartens, who called the Chanticleer site home before converting it into today's garden, purchased the land across the road in order to protect the integrity of their view.
The view is so lovely, I thought it should be a painting.
I backed up my car, returned to the parking lot and walked across the road to take some photos.
My attempt at capturing the beauty of that view.....session one,
......and session two.

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