Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Early Spring in My Garden

If I had to choose a preferred time of year, I think it would have to be early Spring.
I love seeing a haze of green on the trees as leaves begin to develop.
I love the smell of the year's first, fresh cut lawn.
And I love to see my garden come back to life, especially with my camera in hand.
Creeping Phlox in front yard planter.
Surprise of a beautiful backyard tulip, not planted by me.
Lovely daffodils with gossamer petals.
Front yard crabapple.
Yes, crabapple again.....it's kind of irresistible with blushes of pink as the flowers emerge.
A while ago, I read an article on photography in which the expert stated that you couldn't be taken seriously if you were taking pictures of flowers.
Meh.....who cares?

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