Thursday, April 4, 2013

Playing With My Food

You might need to work in metals to appreciate why I'm excited about these two pieces of brass.
For me, developing unique textures with my metals is central to developing unique pieces of jewelry.
That's why I do a lot of etching; I like knowing that I'm working with a piece of metal that no one else has.
I'm always interested in finding promising, new textures.
Once a week, I work in the metals studio at Main Line Art Center to take advantage of certain tools that I don't have in my home studio.
It's also nice to be working alongside a group of creative and talented jewelry designers.
A lot of work gets done, and there is also a lot of sharing of thoughts regarding jewelry design and techniques, politics, economics, relationships, art, music, of the reasons why we are known as the Hammer and Yammer Group.
Someone in the group had recently read about using garlic skins for creating texture on metal.
I always have garlic in my pantry.
I sandwiched some of the garlic skins between pieces of brass and then fed it through my rolling mill.
I love the delicate, ghostly impression that was created.
More experimenting is definitely called for.

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