Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Garden Textures

My recent successful texturing of sheet metal with garlic skin has made me look at lots of things from a new perspective.
I find that I am often wondering, "Hmmmmm....I wonder what would happen if I put that through the rolling mill?"
I'm especially thinking that as I clean up my garden beds.
When texturing with organic material, the item has to be completely dried.
If there is still the slightest bit of moisture in the leaf, petal, whatever...., you will end up with a smushed mess and no impression.
Trust me.....I know.
Old fern fronds were my first rolling mill candidate.
Sections of the fronds were sandwiched between pieces of brass.
I positioned the rollers close enough that it required both hands to turn the crank.
In spite of the amount of pressure, I was only able to get a very faint impression.
Even though it's lovely, I had hoped for and expected something a bit more dramatic.
I'm happier with the results that I got with parts of my miscanthus.
I first layered segments of the leaves between brass....
and love the impression that they left.
Then I sandwiched a seed head between two pieces of brass.....
and love this impression even more.
There are lots of  rolling mill possibilities in my garden beds.
Spring cleaning is probably going to take a long time.

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