Sunday, October 27, 2013

Studio Storage Holy Grail

I'm not one to covet other people's possessions.
I'm pretty content in the small part of the world that I occupy.
when it comes to really cool studio storage units,
I can be unbecomingly jealous.
When I see something like this....

I can obsess over it, thinking how life would be just a little more complete if it was in my studio.
Just like with many of my jewelry components, I love storage pieces that are a little beaten and weathered, with a story to tell.
I follow a few blogs of other jewelry makers and some of my favorite postings are ones that offer a glimpse of the work space, the place where creative magic happens.
I like seeing how other people manage to organize the many tools and supplies that typically occupy a jewelry studio. 
When I saw and read about the new studio space that Nina Bagley created, I found myself thinking, "That's what I want my studio to look like when it grows up."
A Welsh farmhouse cupboard? antique pedestal sink? still my heart!
If you're not familiar with Nina, her jewelry and her poetic postings, you should visit her site.
The loveliness of Nina's studio renewed my determination to find the right storage piece of my own.

And then it happened.
My sister had her own mission of finding a particular night stand for her guest room, which I found for her at a local consignment shop
When I arrived with my van to pick up the nightstand, I entered the shop through the back storage room where new and sold pieces are kept, and there it storage Holy Grail.
It's beaten up, it's paint stained, it's missing a drawer, and....
it's perfect!
The piece had just arrived in the shop and had not yet been priced.
I made sure that I was there at opening time the next day so that I could have a chance to end my search.
The price was acceptable, it fit in my van and after a bit of a struggle to get this moved into my basement by myself, I confirmed that it was just the right size for my studio.
My round bracelet and hoop mandrels and large cupola daps now sit on top.
The deep drawers have let me clear up some of my workspace surfaces.
My bangles that are ready for etching, stamping and wire wrapping and my containers of itty-bitty parts...
my templates and sterling wire...
etched and roll printed metals...
and selection of tools are now logically organized and wonderfully easy to find.
So much tucked away, and I still have empty drawers!
The search is over.

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