Friday, January 31, 2014

My Etching Week

This was a week of etching.
Preparing to make earrings or necklaces or bracelets, I etched a batch of 1" diameter brass discs.
After coming out of the etchant bath, all of the discs were cleaned with a brass brush and pumice powder followed by a vigorous cleaning with soapy water and a soaking in the pickle pot.
Those discs with a more delicate pattern were then heated with the acetylene torch to develop a heat patina. 
Cleaning with a fine grit sanding block brings out the lovely details, and the discs are now ready for whatever project fits my mood.
I also etched a strip of brass thinking that this may become a bracelet....more to come as this develops.
deciding to use some of my etched metal stockpile,
this ring was one of the projects that came off of my workbench a couple of days ago. 
Using a template, I marked and cut an oval shape from some previously etched silver nickel.
The edges were filed and sanded before I shaped the piece with my large cupola dap.
The etched oval was soldered onto a ball peen textured shank before a sterling bezel was soldered into place.
After 3o minutes in the pickle pot, the almost completed ring was soaked in a vinegar/hydrogen peroxide mixture.
Using bezel setting tools, a small disc pearl was nestled into the sterling bezel, and....
ready to wear.


  1. What does the vinegar/peroxide solution do?

    1. After soldering, pieces that have brass and nickel often have a pinkish cast to them that the pickle pot won't remove. Around 20 minutes in the vinegar/hydrogen peroxide completely removes the pink (caused by copper coming to the surface). Works like a dream!