Sunday, October 24, 2010

From the Workbench Part II

Back in September, I was in the midst of several projects and had this piece of etched copper that I had cut out to use as the back of a pin.

I frequently start out on a project with a particular goal in mind and end up going in a different direction as I did with this lovely copper oval. My globe-trotting friend recently gave me some leftover coins from this year's total eclipse trip. She also gave me some beautiful cabochons that had been laying about in her studio for far too long. I think that the stone is a type of jasper, and some of the cabochons had a wonderful pattern that, to me, suggested a landscape. The most beautiful in the group was perfectly sized to my piece of copper- new project.

I made a fine silver bezel, and after a couple of frustrating failures, soldered it to the etched side of my piece of copper.

I saw cut a slightly larger piece of brass and patterned the edge with a chisel. This will become a 'frame' for the bezel set cabochon.

The back side of the textured 'frame' has a delicate floral pattern which I oxidized in order to highlight the details.
The plan is to rivet the two layers together, but I'm still debating whether this should become a pendant or a pin.

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