Saturday, October 30, 2010


The sun was shining earlier today, so I was very optimistic about my chances of getting some good photos taken. I have an ongoing struggle with getting the whole lighting thing to work for me. Usually when I do get a good photo, it's as if something magical happened in spite of my methodical approach and bracketing of my settings.
This picture has survived, but probably only because it was not as bad as most of the others.

This necklace was made with small, faceted beads of iolite along with pearls, crystals and sterling chain, rings and wire. The sterling piece used as a pendant is actually an old clasp that had broken. It was so lovely that I filed off the broken portion and hand wrapped a sterling wire connection to make it useful once again.

This is another one of my long necklaces that can be worn as a single length or doubled up.

And here is my professional photography staging area. The necklace is oh so carefully arranged on my plastic cutting board which is sitting atop the small metal table that makes it's home next to our front door. I set up in my driveway since I thought this was the place where the lighting appeared to be ideal. Maybe it would have been ideal if I knew what I was doing.
The glasses? Yes, I'm at that point in life where I need them I need them off...oh, I need them back, no I don't. How annoying!
After my less than stellar photographic results, I drove over to The Camera Shop where I bought my camera and begged for help. Helpful Guy Behind the Counter showed me some features that I didn't even know I had (yes, I read the manual) and may help me get better results.
Who knew?!
Next sunny day I am so ready to get some halfway decent pictures.

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  1. Did Helpful Guy talk about the macro setting? It's my favorite (and the extent of my camera knowledge).

    If you find you could use more wisdom and might benefit from picking the brain of the photographer who shot our wedding, let me know, and I'll send you her contact info. She's super nice, and I bet she'd be happy to share some tips.