Monday, October 11, 2010

Workshop Part II

I ran another one day riveting workshop at the Wallingford Community Art Center this past weekend and had such a fun afternoon!
I filled my traveling bags with tools, pre-cut metal, beads, wire, chain.....all the items necessary to unleash creativity.

Each student got a small vial with their rivets, sterling earwires, clasps and jump rings.

It's so interesting to see how a group of students takes the same information and the same available collection of materials to come up with wonderfully individual pieces that express their personalities. This pair of earrings were made of oxidized copper and patinated brass and have a beautiful organic quality.

Another student made a pair of earrings using some of the same oxidized copper paired up with brass washers. Absolutely beautiful!
The other five students made equally beautiful earrings and pendants which I did take pictures of- all blurry! Sorry. I will do better with my photography next time when you all hopefully return for my wire wrapping workshop!

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