Saturday, June 18, 2011

Creative Company

Being very interested in creative pursuits, I am often drawn to others who share similar interests. I enjoy having a circle of friends with a wide range of talents. One of those friends is Marty, who has developed both the right and left side of her brain.
In addition to having her own law firm, she is a multi-faceted artist with a particular interest in glass.
This afternoon, I became the proud owner of one of Marty's beautiful plates which is made from recycled storm window glass. Three pieces of glass were cut, layered and placed over a form that Marty made. The assemblage was fired in her kiln, causing the glass layers to fuse and slump, taking on the shape of the form. I know I am oversimplifying the process, but the bottom line is...I now have this awesome plate (around 12" square) made by a dear friend.
I also now know that watermelon looks great in this plate.

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