Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking Care of Some Business

In the blogging world, I am a very teeny tiny speck of a presence.
I chose to begin my blog because of my interest in the process of design. When I see work that I admire, I always appreciate if I can also get an understanding of the inspiration and the techniques used, resulting in a unique piece of artwork or craft, a landscape.....whatever. I know that many other people share this same interest in the 'behind-the-scenes' part of creating original work.

I also appreciate purity of intention. While I do hope that interest in my blog may also result in interest in my work, I have not, at this time, set up my blog to be a point of sales. I have also chosen to keep ads off of my blog. I purposely do not want extra information cluttering the visual layout or my personal message. As my business evolves, I may change my attitude about ads but that remains a future decision.

This blog does have a small, loyal following and an ever increasing number of occasional visitors. I want to explain the reason that I have deleted messages left by some visitors. While it was nice to read the kind and complementary words that were in these deleted comments, embedded links to products were also included. Since I deliberately choose to have no ads, I also choose to be persnickety about the appearance of an ad being snuck in under the cloak of a comment.

When/if I mention specific products, it is because I value them for specific reasons and believe that others may benefit from the bit of knowledge that I have. I get no personal benefit by giving a favorable review or recommendation.

Those are my house rules.

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