Monday, June 6, 2011

Vintage Photos

Years ago when I was hunting for an apartment in the Boston area, I was feeling bitterly disappointed that nothing appealed to me and realized that I needed to change my strategy. I decided to clarify what my wishes were by writing out a list of what I hoped to find in a dwelling. I was flabbergasted with the success that followed.
My list:
1. Apartment in a big, old house on an upper floor: Got it....ended up on the 3rd floor in a huge home that originally housed local church members returning from overseas missionary work.
2. Two bedrooms so I could have a separate studio: Got it....had an extra room that served as studio/guest room.
3.Walking distance to the T (trolley/subway): Got it.....1 1/2 block walk.
4. Walking distance to shops: Got it.....2 blocks to 'downtown' Newton Center with restaurants, library, a variety of shops and possibly the best bagel place ever.
5. A place to garden: Got landlords let me have a vegetable garden and also let me plant whatever I wanted in the rest of the landscape. Irises and other perennials that I planted over 20 years ago are still growing and blooming.
6. A fireplace: Got bedroom had a fireplace. It wasn't usable, but I had not specifically wished for a working fireplace.
I loved this apartment!
Sometimes you need to declare what you are looking for in order to find it.
The manager of the Woodmere Art Museum shop, Lori, recently asked me if I was beginning to make items for the upcoming holiday. I looked at her quizzically thinking she wanted patriotic items for the 4th of July(?). No....she meant Christmas. Yikes! I can hardly think beyond my son's graduation later this week.
Lori did ask if I might be able to make a particular item for the shop to carry during the holiday season. I'm still playing with ideas, and they involve vintage images. While I have a collection of old photos, I do not have enough to create these possible items for the museum store. I began to think that I better locate a source for old photos.
And what a coincidence.....I found a treasure trove of vintage photos last week.
This 'Photographs' scrapbook is filled with many photos from the 1920's and 1930's.
I love looking at pictures from another era, appreciating the clothing and architecture and imagining the circumstances captured in these black and white and sepia toned moments.
I also found some more portrait photos, and especially enjoy those featuring babies and young children.
All of these kids have such serious expressions making them appear mature beyond their years. I do find it interesting that many of these portraits feature animal skins either on the floor or draped over the posing chair.
These two photos captured my imagination. I'm guessing that they might be from the late 40's. The photo on the left has a handwritten note on the back: 'Johnny & Harold I go with him once in a while' It's easy for me to imagine that the photo on the right was torn apart during one of those periods when "she" was not going with Johnny or Harold.
Scotch tape coming to the rescue of a young, wounded heart that is not willing to let go.

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  1. 1. I love those photos!

    2. Agreed: writing out (and thusly refining) what you want is an excellent way to pursue your goals. I've done that before, and Stu has every trait I listed.

    3. Graduation, hooray!