Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recycled Copper Wire....Again

My tornado of copper wire is still with me, and I periodically revisit it, cutting pieces for new projects.
As I prepare inventory for some retail locations, a request was made for a selection of items that might be on the 'lesser expensive' end of the spectrum, but still on the 'fun' end of the spectrum.
Frugally fun? 
No problem.
I decided to make bangles with some of my copper wire tornado.
Lengths of wire were cut, ends filed and then soldered.
After pickling, I formed the bangle shape on one of my steel bracelet mandrels, adding texture with a ball peen hammer.
To add that element of fun, different beads (amazonite, jasper, carnelian) were wire wrapped with balled copper wire.
That little burst of color moves freely while being completely secured on the bangle.

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