Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Photographing My Inspiration

  Years ago, when I was a landscape architect at Morgan Wheelock Inc., our office was on Boylston Street in Boston, kitty-corner to the Public Garden.
A few storefronts away from our building was a flower stand, and I made it my habit to stop on Monday morning to buy flowers for my desk.
So much time was spent at work that I decided I should have something lovely to look at as I drew plans of beautiful gardens.

I still think it's important to have something lovely to look at and frequently have flowers on my dining table and in my kitchen.
Lucky me....
Produce Junction is nearby,
my go-to flower source.
I can pick out any selection of flowers to make my own arrangement,
and I rarely spend more than $8.00.
Are fresh flowers a necessity?
No, of course not, but I think $8.00 of colorful beautifiness is money well spent.
Since I started painting, I now see each arrangement as a potential painting...
so they all get photographed and sent to my "Images for Art" file.
Thinking ahead to that possible, future painting
has made me a more thoughtful flower arranger
(I think).
Sometimes those possible paintings actually happen....
like these two quick studies...
of beautiful tea roses....
and these cheerful sunflowers
in one of my vintage mason jars.
And sometimes,
I photograph my food.
 Like these lemons, right before they became part of my son's favorite chicken dish.
This painting isn't complete yet,
but the chicken dish was great.

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