Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Third Necklace Completed

Since I didn't have to shovel away the blizzard that didn't arrive, I was able to spend part of this morning finishing my last of the three thrift store pendant necklaces.
When I bought theses pieces, I immediately knew that I wanted to pair the religious medallion with one the remaining links from my thrift store chandelier.
The patina and texture of the link and the medallion seemed like a good and natural pairing.
I chose to wire wrap the chain using sterling silver wire and chain with crystals, iolite, citrine, Herkimer diamonds (form of quartz) and pearls.
All that wrapping took quite a while, but I finished the necklace yesterday and took some photos.
The more I looked at my finished necklace, the more it bothered me.
I decided I really didn't like the shiny appearance of the chain and how it contrasted with the medallion and chandelier link.
It was time to take out the liver of sulfur.
A brief soaking in the liver of sulfur solution turned all of the sterling silver black, and I used a fine grit sanding block for selective cleaning.
A thin gauge wire had to be used to get though the drilled holes in the gemstones which meant I had to sand very slowly and very carefully.....
kind of tedious, but definitely worth the effort.
Much better!