Saturday, October 27, 2012

Copper Sticks Necklace Revisited

I've had requests for more 'Copper Sticks' necklaces, and I decided to revisit that necklace from a more delicate and refined perspective.
This variation is made with sterling silver, pearls and prehnite.
Segments of heavy gauge sterling wire were hammered to create paddle shapes at each end which were then drilled for necessary connections.
Faceted prehnite rondells were attached at the bottom of each section of hammered sterling wire with light gauge, balled sterling wire.
Each section is connected to sterling chain with a sterling jump ring.
Small, freshwater pearls are wire wrapped onto the chain..
I'm liking this more refined version, but once I saw the necklace on the display form, I thought, "hmmmm....maybe needs some more pearls along the chain; maybe some tiny crystals too."
It's sometimes hard to know when I'm done.

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