Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Etched Discs

With a grouping of discs to be textured for upcoming projects, part of last night was dedicated to etching.
I suspended my discs in a bath of ferric chloride using a scrap piece of styrofoam.
An hour later....lovely textured metal.
Some new patterns were tried, and I've decided they belong in the regular lineup.
While I do like the subtlety of the discs freshly cleaned after the ferric chloride etching, I wanted them to have a bit more drama.
I annealed the discs which turned them black, and instead of putting them in the pickle pot, I used a sanding block to better reveal the patterning.
Each disc was drilled with two holes and domed in my wooden dapping block.
Tonight's plan....turning these discs into earrings.

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