Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yes, I Love Etching

This past week included more etching.
I love the results that I can get using ferric chloride and brass.
For this batch, I cut 1" diameter discs of brass and etched them with sections of text.
After neutralizing the ferric chloride with baking soda and scrubbing the discs with a brass brush and soapy water, I heated them with the torch and then lightly sanded them to highlight the etching.
I love the look of these oxidized discs, and while I could sit and gaze at their loveliness, they need to become something else.
I do work hard at keeping my pieces of jewelry unique, so similar components are used in a variety of ways.
This time, I cut out 3/8" discs off center and domed the discs in my dapping block after drilling holes at the top and bottom. 
Hanging below are sterling wire wrapped dangles of garnet, pearls and crystals.
The discs hang from sterling ear wires.
I will ponder the loveliness of the remaining discs while I consider how to put them to use.


  1. Oh, I love etching too & your earrings are gorgeous.

    I hope that big storm misses you!

  2. Thanks! The big storm?....unfortunately, Sandy is apparently heading right for us. The projected path shows the center of the storm arriving on Tuesday morning. Ugh- I'm hoping for the best but have tried to get prepared for the worst.