Friday, October 5, 2012

Fold Formed Cuffs

Having access to a torch once again, I am so happy to be working on new copper cuffs.
A sheet of copper that was a construction project leftover had been given to me last year (contractor friends are awesome!), and like my copper wire tornado, I frequently cut off sections for new projects.
To make cuffs, I cut sections that are approximately 6" x 1 1/2".
This is when a torch comes in handy.
I annealed the copper, folded it and hammered away.
Then I annealed the copper, opened the folds and hammered away.
Then I annealed the copper, folded it and hammered away.
Then I get the point.
Fold forming metal that is a gauge suitable for a cuff can only be done with a torch. 
After repeated annealing/folding/hammering steps and adding various textures with steel stamps and dapping punches, a few of the copper strips were ready for shaping.
For cuffs, I like to use my round, stepped, cast iron mandrel.
Once I had a shape that looked balanced and felt comfortable, I developed a patina using liver of sulfur.
A fine grit sanding block was used on the surface to highlight some of the details.


  1. Beautiful!!!! I so want to try this technique. I love th patina on this cuff!

  2. Greetings! I've just found your blog through flickr. I do love your cuffs and have just started trying this myself. Yours look GREAT!
    I wish I had some contractor friends. ;)

  3. Thanks! Alice: My new posting gives a bit more detail about developing the patina. Lela: Do you have pics of your cuffs posted somewhere?...would love to see them!

    1. Yes! Thank you for sharing your skills. I made a cuff inspired by yours last night! It was my first cuff ever!